Aether 2 Mod 1.12.2

Minecraft Mods ozbi October 27, 2020

Aether 2 mod is another massive earth size of giant Celestial islands of various biomes. But to get there, you’re going to have to make a portal through the quartz blocks. Then activate with a bucket of water.

You will end up in an Aether outpost met by a man named Edison near a fire pit. You can talk to him and he’ll explain Aether to you. These outposts are on every island, and it’s the only way home. If you need to go, just click on the fire pit.

Aether 2

Then it’s up to you to continue your research in a whole new world. You’ll see all sorts of strange flora and fauna roaming this land.

The further you go, the steeper you will notice that each island has a very steep edge, and you may not even see where the next island is. This means that you have to work hard to get to other islands and then other biomes, as each consists of a single biome.

There’s a lot to explore with this new region, an almost entirely new variation in Minecraft. There are many hidden gems such as NPC villages and new food and tools, not to mention various dungeons to loot.

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How to install Aether 2 Mod

1. Make sure you have already installed Minecraft Forge.

2. Download a Forge compatible mod from this site.

3. Open Minecraft, click the ‘Mods’ button on the main menu, then click ‘Open Mods Folder’.


  • Press the Windows key and R at the same time
  • Type %appdata% and press enter
  • Find the Minecraft folder and then look for the Mods folder within that


  • Click on the desktop and then press Command+Shift+G all at the same time
  • Type ~/Library and press enter
  • Open the folder Application Support and then Minecraft

4. Place the mod you have just downloaded (.jar or .zip file) into the Mods folder.

5. Start Minecraft, and you should now see the mod you have installed on the list!



    […] A team of six modders initially created Aether mod as a bizarre, pastel-colored answer to Minecraft’s world of fire and sulfur Nether. Apparently Aether’s floating Islands and flying pigs weren’t heavenly enough, and now the team has decided to rede edit the concept in a completely new mode, Aether 2. […]

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