Minecraft Jurassic World released

Minecraft News ozbi October 18, 2020

A new DLC (expansion pack) has been released for Minecraft, which is particularly heavily used in the field of education. So what does the Minecraft Jurassic World DLC package promise users?

Minecraft, one of the most common games in the world and developed by Microsoft, is used for many different purposes. A new DLC, recently released, is aimed at those who want to develop more business skills.

Minecraft Jurassic World uses Jurassic World, the legendary film of the years, as the theme. Players manage the operation of the dinosaur park in this DLC and try to improve their skills.

minecraft jurassic world


So what else is in this DLC? Players who will have to think about dinosaur care, risk management, security elements need to manage resources wisely. In addition, the DNA that players will find helps to develop larger dinosaurs.

You have to pay $7.99 to buy the Jurassic World DLC package.


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