Minecraft virtual reality mode

Minecraft News ozbi October 21, 2020

Minecraft, which was purchased by Microsoft and stands out for its unique in-game dynamics, is now preparing to conquer the virtual reality community after conquering desktop and mobile platforms.

Virtual reality mode for Minecraft isn’t really a first. A similar study was previously brought up in collaboration with Microsoft and Oculus. Now Samsung and Minecraft seem to be seated at the same table. It may be possible to play Minecraft with virtual reality goggles called Samsung Gear VR.


Microsoft and Samsung have begun optimizing Minecraft for Gear VR, Engadget reported. The game will be “port” because it will be a little easier to optimize for Gear VR because there is already work done for Oculus. Samsung is now involved in the Partnership between Microsoft and Oculus, announced at GDC 2016. What lies behind this work is the price.

Samsung Gear VR can work with compatible Android operating systems and the glasses cost only $99. Oculus, on the other hand, is a more expensive system because it has its own screen and its equipment. Therefore, virtual reality mode for Minecraft is more likely to reach wider audiences with Samsung Gear VR.


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